Towards the open outcome record: a portfolio of works exploring strategies of freeing the record from fixity
Submission, a new home for my PhD research

So, yes, it has been 4 months since my last post, a hiatus necessitated through events beyond the PhD which continue to unfold. Regarding the PhD, however, the big news is that I submitted the works and commentary in the first week of December, and am now waiting on a date for the viva.

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CreativePact, possible PhD delay

Work has continued big style on the PhD, and in fact I have been documenting my progress daily on my CreativePact blog over on Tumblr, so head there to see what’s going on. Also, it’s possible, due to a number of external issues all coming together at the moment, that I may need to delay my PhD submission by a month. I hope to talk to Monty and PA about this tomorrow.

Futures EP advances, more documentation

Yes, I missed another post last week. The problem is that when I start programming I tend to get completely sucked in, to a point where it’s hard to break away for blogging and other such activities. This does mean though that I have made some significant progress with Futures EP, and moved forward with other things too.

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Tapes EP becomes Futures EP

Back to regularity, at least for the moment! With only a few weeks left until submission I have been getting on with the last big task of the project: Tapes EP. Apart from it is now called Futures EP! Why such a big change so late? I’ll explain below…

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ICMC and missing blog posts

It seems that missing posts is becoming a regular thing at the moment, though in this case I can point to a major event in Huddersfield taking my focus: ICMC. The conference finished this Friday past and was so involved (I was listening rooms tech and conference photographer) that I really had no time to work on anything else.

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Two HELOpg gigs, more PhD commentary

Eagle-eyed readers of this blog (are there any?) will have noticed a lack of posting last week. Sorry. And after a couple of weeks of little news I actually had two upcoming gigs to shout about.

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More steady progress

Again, little to report in research-land. More writing done, and I’ve set up my master thesis commentary document (up to this point I have been working on the chapters in separate documents); editing on the bass part for the second Tapes EP track has begun; I’ve also made moves to organise the recording of documentation for One man band x n, with Peyee Chen, Pat Allison, Scott McLaughlin and myself as musicians. Finally, ICMC has come on the radar, as it is now time to start preparing the listening room playlists.

Steady progress

Little to report this week, just been getting on with writing and also have recorded some bass guitar for the second tune of Tapes EP. Had a meeting with Monty and figured out what form the documentation for all my pieces should take. Er, and nothing much else of interest! To next week!

Back to work on the PhD

Very slowly, with creaking gears, I have got back working on the PhD. My task now is threefold: finish Tapes EP, gather sufficient documentary evidence of each piece in the portfolio, and complete the thesis commentary. And whilst the completion of each task is plotted out, trying to do all at once will be a challenge!

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SSSP round up

Back to posting on time after two weeks of being late, and this week I will do a bit of a post-SSSP round up. A summary: my presentation went fine and for a second year running the conference overall was a success, and everyone involved appeared to enjoy the experience.

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